Update!: It’s Been Too Long

Katayef with Sweet Cheese & Pistachios

Hello Everyone!

Boy, it’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and written over here. I’ve still been cooking away (see Katayef pic above for proof), I just haven’t been writing about it as much.

I hope that changes in the coming weeks. I have a lot of yummy recipes, pictures and stories to share.  I am also kind of in awe that it’s been almost a year since I started this project. I’m fairly certain I had lots of high hopes and expectations for where I thought Zayt and Zaatar would be at this stage in the game, but I decided to throw out all of those limiting factors. I have come to accept that sometimes I’m going to want to cook and write and write and cook, and other times I’m just going to want to eat and not share any of that with anyone. This new philosophy has helped me maintain my love of food and my desire to continue to learn how to cook.

What I’m finding now is that I am seriously craving interaction when I cook. I have been so incredibly blessed to have had all these many months to cook and learn my mother’s recipes with my father. It’s something I will cherish forever and will continue to do. But, I’d also liked to learn from others and share the food I’ve been making with my friends and other family members.

I was at an event recently where someone mentioned that when we entertain or gather as friends, we tend to do so outside of our homes. Houston is crawling with delicious food, so it makes sense that we opt to plan our social outings at restaurants vs. our homes.

I’d like to change that up a bit. I am still a little shy about my cooking skills, but if any of you ever feel like having a cooking companion or want to get together to make some yummy food, share stories and swap recipes PLEASE let me know. I’ve spoken to a few people able this in the past, but I’m really committed to moving this idea past the brainstorming phase.

On a random note:  I recently discovered the beauty that is goat’s milk caramel sauce and have been trying to come up with interesting ways to incorporate it. I have a bunch of leftover katayef with the cinnamon-sugar walnut filling that I think would be a perfect sponge for the caramel. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

What yummy things have you been eating/making lately?


2 thoughts on “Update!: It’s Been Too Long”

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I actually had one for dinner the other night. Something very comforting about them!

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