Recipe of the Week: —

Hello All!!

I just wanted to offer a quick update.

I won’t be cooking this week, but I have another great reason for taking a wee break. : )

I am taking a little road trip the latter part of this week to attend the wedding of a very dear friend of mine. I think this might officially be the last wedding I’ll be attending for awhile, seeing as a majority of my friends and family are already hitched. Who knows, maybe the next wedding I’ll be attending will be my own. Heh.

We’ll be back to our haphazardly scheduled programming next week.

In the meantime, I’m itching for ideas for what to cook next, so please leave suggestions in the comments. I’d also appreciate suggestions for other fun and interesting food-related blogs to check out.  I really want to connect with others who love food and are learning to cook.

In addition, I hope to incorporate more non-food related writing in the near future. I know a big part of this experience was learning to cook, but this project was also meant to be an opportunity for me to force myself to write more consistently and creatively. I’ve been apprehensive to do so thus far, but I’m working on changing all that. So, stay tuned and feel free to offer some encouragement.

See y’all next week with a new recipe!


2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Week: —”

  1. i will spend some time looking around your blog 🙂
    if you do not mind, check out mine. i have recipes in both Arabic and English languages with instructional videos too. hope you enjoy browsing around.

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