Let the Cooking Begin!

Several months ago, I made a decision to start this blog in the hopes that I would learn a thing or two over time. I hoped I could learn to be a halfway decent cook by teaching myself my mother’s recipes. I hoped to reconnect with her through the process. I hoped I’d find my inner writer and eventually put the words that have been stuck in my head for decades out there for the world to see.

That was in, like, September. Clearly, if you’ve taken the time to check in, I’m a little behind on the getting started business. Now, if this was the Brigitte of yesterday – the Brigitte that tried to maintain a music-related blog for several years, I would be apologizing profusely to the three of you who are paying attention. I’d tell you I suck at this blogging thing, that I’m sorry and I’ll be around here more often. (All of which I did in the last post I wrote – and here I am saying it again!)  But, I’m not going to say any of those things this time around.

I’m just going to do more and say less. Well, only I’ll be saying lots because this is a blog and not a webcam. But you get the gist of what I’m getting at here.

I’ve got my culinary tools in tow and  I’ve even chosen my first meal to cook! I have had an intense craving for it the last few weeks, so I’m going to attempt to try cooking this for the first time. Check back throughout the week for recipes and more info!

My goal is to share recipes, stories, old and new photos and my thoughts with you over the course of the week.  The weekend will be devoted to the preparation of the meal I’ve chosen to make. Some of the recipes I plan on preparing are really time consuming, so planning is essential with my schedule.

I’m always open to suggestions for time management, useful culinary tools and I’d love to hear your stories.  And while this blog is a chance for me to learn and connect to my past, I want to make it a place that you can share and learn and grow with me.

And if you live in Houston, maybe we’ll be sharing a meal together – even one I’ve made – someday.



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